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The Water Demand Management unit at the Ministry of Water and irrigation is dedicated to the efficient and sustainable use of water, and provides leadership and focus on water demand management in the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan.

The Water Demand Management will provide the following services to promote water demand management policies and best management practices to its various clients: water utilities, regulators, researchers, planners, and consumers. 

1. Provide information and assistance on water conservation policies, best management practices and measures.
2. Provide a resource library on research conducted on water demand management in Jordan
3. Provide training on water demand management
4. Provide technical assistance to the private and public sector in conducting water audits and measuring water consumption. 
5. Provide technical assistance to the private and public sector on how to institute water demand management in these organizations
6. Provide comprehensive information and technical assistance on water wise landscape
7. Collaborate with water utilities and governmental entities  in conducting WDM public information and outreach campaigns
8. Provide technical assistance to community based organizations  to integrate water demand management measures and practices