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 Project Finance

Duties of Project Finance :-

•Participate in the preparation and updating of Water Sector Work Plan (15 years).

•Participate in the selection of priority projects in accordance with national priorities and policies.

•Assist the Ministry of Planning in the preparation of the Water Sector Short Term Action Plan ( 3 years) .

•Study, analyze, and evaluate in broad terms the economic and financial aspects of the proposed projects to include cost benefit analysis, cost estimates, and financing plan.

•Submit priority projects to Ministry of planning for the purpose of securing funds from Arab and International Funding and Development agencies, and Jordan Government.

•Follow up (continuously) with the Ministry of Planning the actions taken for securing funds from different donors, as well as assist the donors with financial and economical aspects related to the feasibility studies of the Development projects.

•Follow up disbursements made from the proceeds of the local and International loans, grants, and technical assistances related to the ministry of Water and Irrigation development projects under construction.

•Review, prior to signature all sorts of agreements (loans, grants and technical assistance between Jordan Government and donors related to Ministry of Water and Irrigation Development Projects.

•Follow up the implementation of the conditions embodied in the Loan, Grant /Technical Assistance Agreements