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 National Water Plan



  The national water master plan directorate was established in 2001 through the GTZ-funded Water Sector Planning Support Project so as the national master planning activities will continue on institutionalized basis
Ministry as well as the Water Authority of Jordan (WAJ) and the Jordan Valley Authority (JVA). In addition, it is the authorized source for data on water monitoring, management, and planning for external users like research institutions or international donors.
Currently the National Water Master plan is in the process to be updated through a new planning tool "WEAP".

-  Propose sector policies and strategies for water sector development and decrease the gap between the resources and demand.
- Carry out water sector study and planning activities.
- Manage water sector information and regularly produce required information products to support decision makers through the Digital Planning tools.


-   Assess the present availability, withdrawals, losses and uses of the water resources.
-  Formulate alternative development scenarios for water resources and demand / use at various planning horizons.
-  Perform the balancing of resources versus demands for the recent past as well as for the alternative development options and
-  Identify technical and operational options in order to bridge the gap between resources and demands.

 -  National Water Master Plan.
-   Water Information System
-   Strategies

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