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 Dr. Tobias El-Fahem  Water Aspects in Land-use Planning Project Coordinator (BGR)
Eng. Ali Subah (MWI Project Coordinator)  Senior Hydrogeologist
Director of National Water Master Plan Directorate
 Geo. Ibraheem Hamdan  Hydrogeologist and GIS Specialist
 Geo. Tasneem Hiasat  Project Assisstant BGR
 Geo. Thair Al-Momani  Hydrogeologist
Head of Water Strategy Section
 Geo. Mohammad Atrash  Senior Hydrogeologist
(Director of Water Resources Studies Department)
Eng. Nisreen Haddadin Head of National Water Master Plan Section
Ali Breizat Water Strategy Section
 Eng. Hadeel Al-Smadi  National Water Master Plan Directorate
Ayman Jaber Senior Hydrogeologist
Head of Water Information System Section
Zakaria Al-Zuhdy Senior Hydrologist
(Head of Surface Water Resources studies Section)