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 Welcome Note


HRH Prince Faisal Bin Al Hussein
Head of the Royal Commission for Water

The water scarcity in Jordan poses a serious challenge that will affect all sectors if not addressed with serious efforts. Water for Life is Jordan's Water Strategy that sets the pace for our efforts for the years upto 2022.

This is our Strategy that establishes our Vision for each of the major areas of the Water Sector. It also establishes the Actions required to achieve the Visions.

A sincere effort is required from all Jordanians to understand and join collectively to address the water issues that are explained in this Strategy report. It is all the more important to consider this Strategy report and the subsequent action plans as one of the highest priorities to perform on the national level.

The Ministry of Water and Irrigation has the major role to lead this initiative. I am confident that we have sufficient will and determination to succeed in achieving our goals


Dr. Hazim El-Nasser

Minister of Water and Irrigation

Water sector continue its distinctive steps through submitting water and wastewater services to citizens despite all challenges and obstacles confront it.  Although water sector has been marked as the fourth poor sector in water where per capita doesn’t exceed 15% of the world water poverty line due to shortage of water resources and influx of refugees of different nationalities since 1948 until now which formed another challenge to water sector, it has managed to maintain ratio of people served with water network, which reach not less than 98%. On the other hand, ratio of people benefit from wastewater projects has risen to reach more than 60% and ratio is expected to increase. All these ranked Jordan among the wide-water-served countries despite all hindrances.


Jordan go forward in this honorable journey armed with a water strategy which consider sector priorities and drew the road map for this sector where work will be carried in accordance with an investment plan that seeks achieving MWI vision for more than 10 years.


Vision of water sector include management and protection of water

resources, raise level of citizens awareness on rationalization of

water consumption, tariff, water loss management, application

of new methods and high technology.


Also, founding a platform during which citizens share decision making (water issues) and raise level of their awareness on harmful impacts of illegal usage of water and violation of laws, regulations and legislations is a constructive way should be promoted and applied all over the kingdom to save water for various purposes.


Disi water will be pumped to Amman and adjacent areas mid-2013. This will add around 100 mm3 from water to contribute in eliminating water deficit especially in drinking sector. Currently, MWI work hard to implement the Jordanian Red-Dead sea project considering it as a preliminary phase for the regional Red-Dead Sea project.


It worth mentioning that MWI has managed to benefit from each drop of the conventional and unconventional water resources available. Treated wastewater become main sources in all water budgets to be used directly or indirectly in irrigation in accordance with scientific criteria determined by FAO.


Responsibility of water services is a critic issue that needs benefiting from all world experience related to this area. A lot of water projects in this respect are under implementation currently with values exceeds 500, 000 million dollar such as the Millennium projects, rehabilitation of networks in addition to wastewater projects as in (Amman southern project), (karak and Adnaneyeh) (Shallaleh and northern Ghors) ..etc. several water and wastewater projects are prepared to be financed from the GCC fund so as to improve provision of these services to citizens all over Jordan.

Secretary General of the Ministry Water and Irrigation
Eng. Ali subah