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Decentralized Wastewater Management Policy 25.2.2016 
National Water Strategy( 2016-2025)-25.2.2016 
Capital Investment Plan CIP Report - FINAL25 Feb 2016 - 
Water Demand Management Policy25.2.016 
Surface Water Utilization Policy 25.2.2016 
Water Substitution and Reuse Policy 25.2.2016 
Water Reallocation Policy 25.2.2016 
Groundwater Sustainability policy 25.2.2016 
Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy Policy 25.2.2016 
Climate Change Policy for a Resilient Water Sector 25.2.016 
Summary Wastewater Treatment National Plan 
Summary National Framework for Decentralized Wastewater Management 
Structural Benchmark Action Plan to Reduce Water Sector Losses 
CIP JRP - Resilience Annex 5 
CIP Wastewater Projects - Annex 4 
CIP JRP - PSS Refugees Annex 5 
CIP Annex 3 Projects 
Additional Water Supply - CIP